Our Venues


All of our guests receive 10% discount at each of our venues.

Steak Edinburgh

Dine in the most dramatic of settings at Steak Restaurant.

An unadulterated dining experience that pays homage to the finest Scottish meat – grilled to perfection.

It’s mission is to serve you the most tender and flavoursome Steak in town, accompanied by a wide array of sauces and sides. Perfect for a romantic dinner.


Steak on Stones

Embrace your inner chef and take the bull by the horns as you sizzle succulent thinly sliced steak on volcanic stone to your own, personal perfection at Steak on Stones.

Enjoy the eruption of a professional kitchen, in a vibrant restaurant where the waiters skills range from server to chef. An interactive dining experience like no other!

Beer and Skittles bar

Grab a beer, eat a burger and watch the game!

With our new pop up restaurant STEAK and Burgers, you can choose from kangaroo filled salad boxes to juicy burgers as you enjoy the social vibrancy of Beer & Skittles Basement Bar and Courtyard.

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